Thursday, April 27, 2006

Aha Art Moments

I am once again actutely reminded of one of the joys of art by a bizarre incident that happend in my front yard just a few minutes ago. A huge bird swooped in, not twenty feet from my window. Then right behind him a pesky Blue Jay followed. The little bird was harrassing the big bird, which I'm pretty certain was a Red-tailed Hawk, or possibly an immature Eagle (there is a nest in the neighborhood). The large predator bird could have eaten the little bird in one swallow, but he seemed to tolerate the pest. Perhaps he had just raided the smaller bird's nest.

It was one of those hold-your-breath aha moments that didn't last 20 seconds, just enough time for the Blue Jay to take a couple of swipes. Some artists go after and are able to capture those slices of moments. Such as what artist Priscilla Humay does with her skyscapes.

These art works are typically images or sculpture that convey motion or emotion. You know them when you see them. If you have a favorite image that conveys that aha moment, let's hear from you.--Ruth Mitchell

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