Friday, April 14, 2006

Jour & Nuit -- Haute Couture Meets Practical (well sort of)

On that same trip to Miami, I found myself sitting next to a very interesting young lady one night at dinner, Hillary Chan Latos, creator of the fabulous Jour & Nuit designer label shoes. She seemed to be so young to be so on her way to the top. A fashion writer for the very hip New York magazine Soma, she has created the most exciting thing in shoes, since, well shoes were invented. It all happened when she was packing for her trip to cover the Cannes Film Festival. I’ve been there so many times myself. The shoes take up all the room in your suitcase. What’s a lady to do?

That’s when this young dynamo came up with the idea of shoes that had interchangeable straps and buckles, even heels that can change in height. Wow what genius! Only a woman could have thought of this. Hillary has an MBA she told me, she's hired a consultant and is having the shoes manufactured in Italy of course. The line launches this spring. Look for all the movie stars to be wearing them soon.

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