Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good Art at Great Value

Natural Resources - Mixed Media Painting - Ildikó Kalapács

There are many levels of art collecting, but we profess that you always buy what you enjoy and you will never be dissappointed. One should always try to get value for their money, however. And to this end, I have a wonderful artist to suggest at a great value, Ildikó Kalapács.

Ildikó was born in Hungary, but left just before the end of the Soviet occupation and the collapse of the Soviet Union, and has been living in the U.S. since 1987. Her past experiences with social issues are quite outspoken in her work as she explores the two cultures that have influenced her. She is also influenced through her travels as a folk dancer and artist. Her two-dimensional images are derived from the traditions of figurative art mixed with traces of Central European folk art and four languages: Hungarian, Russian, English and Japanese. The complex nature of her art can be traced back to her interest in intercultural disciplines and globalization.

Her three-dimensional art works consist of mostly ceramic works with some mixed media and bronze pieces. The use of these materials follows some tradition in Hungarian art but ceramics also plays a philosophically and conceptually important role in her art, symbolizing the fragile nature of the human body and soul. One must touch it and handle it gingerly and carefully. This is the basic principle and approach to her socially oriented sculptures. Along with the literal form, her work leaves enough room for abstract or conceptual interpretation.


If you would like to be more informed about art collecting, here are some excellent books from on collecting art.

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ihorkay said...
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ihorkay said...

Happy to see Ildikó Kalapács's work on your site.
He totally understands what the role of ocntemporary can be and with the layering of images he reaches through time and space and cultures. Thank you for having his art up.
Horkay István

j compau said...

Ildiko...essential reaching thoughtfully into and beyond the struggles, issues and human conditions...beautiful + memorable + moving

lpeterson said...

One of the things I love about Ildiko is that despite her background and the myriad trials she endured through her life, she is a sweet, wonderful woman who focuses on helping others achieve their goals! And...her art is amazing!