Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gustav Klimt Innovator

Gustav Klimt

He was way ahead of his time. There are just some of those people, whether they are artists, scientists, writers, or some other type of innovator. While they are here on this earth they are usually controversial, misunderstood, underappreciated, but their contributions are great.

I think Austrian artist Gustav Klimt was one such innovator. His work is attributed to the Art Nouveau period, an elegant, decorative art style characterized by intricate patterns of curving lines. And while the movement was popular throughout Europe at the time under different names, the term Art Nouveau was derived from an interior design gallery in Paris, the Maison de l’Art Nouveau, which opened in 1896.

But Klimt’s work, especially his images of women, cannot be hastily lumped into a single category. For me, the sensual elements in his paintings of nature, people, and symbolism marked by a decorative detailing is more sophisticated than his time. That time has passed, and his paintings are still here. Whose work of this generation will remain fresh in a hundred years from now? Is it my imagination or has technology usurped our attention?

A Buyoutsidethebox.com artist that has emulated Klimt’s artistic style at times, is Rene Hein. Hein was inspired to begin her series of "Mummy Cats" about 16 years ago after a visit to the Chicago Field Museum when she was an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “The themes of the various artists began when someone commissioned me to reproduce a Klimt painting," she says. “I had never looked that seriously at Klimt before but as I looked at his work the patterns seemed like they would work for the mummy cats.” That led to artistic impressions of other artists. To view Hein's work visit http://www.buyoutsidethebox.comtoday.
--Ruth Mitchell

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Ms. Mitchell--Brooke S. here. Erin told me about your website, and I am excited to find it and your blog for it! I was wondering if it would be alright with you if I wrote about your site on my blog? I've got some artist-types that could use some encouraging, as well as a market. I think this is great.