Monday, May 29, 2006

Untraditional Tapestry

Artist Laurie dill-Kocher has an arm’s-length resume. That reference goes back to the military and the rank of an officer with stripes that reach the length of his arm, meaning he was highly experienced and had the stripes to prove it. Dill-Kocher’s work has been published, purchased, displayed and revered for three decades now. But her work is anything but traditional. “My approach to any work is a celebration of the visual tension that I can create through dyeing, coloring or manipulation of the material. I endeavor to visually excite the viewer, and provoke them to expand their concepts of a traditional medium. This manipulation of materials is only the beginning of the playful approach that I have towards my work. I strive to imbue each piece with the emotional composition of nature; to keep developing, renewing and growing.”

The three tapestries dill-Kocher currently has on display with are vibrant, filled with color and the unexpected tension she speaks of. “I utilize the visual imagery to draw the viewer in and entice them to understand the narrative element of the work. Each piece has a different story, a parable of sorts, which provide the viewer a glimpse into a subject sometimes not easily discussed.”

Take a peek at these beautiful works now—Ruth Mitchell

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