Monday, June 05, 2006

Summertime and the Internet is Easy

I never hear people gushing about the internet in the way that I feel about it, and yet whenever internet service is interrupted for even the shortest time, you hear a lot of complaining. There are some negative things about the internet of course. Before the internet computer viruses weren’t rampant, and we had porn and sexual predators, but they didn’t have the speed of the information highway to their advantage.

I know that my affection for the internet comes from my experience as a writer. For years I spent hours upon hours in the library researching to get information about the topics I wrote about. Not that I don’t enjoy being in libraries, but now that same information is in my grasp within minutes, thanks to the internet and some incredible search engines we all have come to love with Google being right there on top. Not only that my home office allows me to have an occasional eagle stops by to say hello. That never happened at the library.

Now that information we get off the internet can be somewhat arcane. For instance last night I was indulging in a little network surfing because summer reruns have set in. I landed on Casino Royale, a 1967 production that was confusing, yet entertaining with incredible actors like Peter Sellers, Orson Welles, Ursula Andress, Woody Allen and David Niven.

Anyone that has ever seen a Bond movie knows they ramble all over the place, but you will be entertained with some interesting diversionary tactics. I was so totally lost when the phone rang, and even more so when I returned to the movie. So this morning, with my interest piqued, I went online to figure out what was going on. You could never have done that previously to the internet, and that sort of information might not even be available at the library.

The first thing I learned was that Sony Pictures is releasing a new film this fall of the James Bond adventure with Daniel Craig and Eva Green. That was the number one listing on Google. I learned that the original Casino Royale movie based on Ian Fleming’s first novel, and because it came after some of the other films produced by Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, the directors of the original Casino Royale, there were (count them) five not all listed on the credits, decided to turn Casino Royal into a spoof. I have to say that the sprawling, disjointed plot had to be planned as part of the spoof, and there were many sections of the film that seemed to be the work of Woody Allen, who was early in his career at the time.

This all leads me to some other great things about the internet like Have you heard about it yet? Created by the Music Genome Project™, is a smart website. You type in what kind of music you like and it will find more great music similar to your stated tastes. Now that’s using your internet noggin!

There are so many opportunities on the web these days, and we feel a part of that exciting change as we explore this new technology. We cordially invite you to participate in Creative Consumerism™ at

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