Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Art From Afar

Why is it we have to travel far to find what we like? While many of us as collectors do support local artists, it is sometimes human nature to look afar for what one wants. Somehow distance or location in a large metropolitan area seems to validate that an artist is good. This distance formula is true of many things not just art. But then again, we have the internet and the globe is our marketplace. I bring this up because I was recently chatting with Buyoutsidethebox.com artist Diana Bradley a Bay Area artist whose work was purchased for inclusion in the art collection at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. The irony of this story is that the work was purchased and placed through an agency in Atlanta. Diana’s work is really lovely, and we can see why the Ritz Carlton was interested in having her work hang on their walls. Take a look for yourself. She is also offering a free 2007 calendar that comes in an attractive lucite frame for anyone making a purchase of her work between now and December 20th. Just in time for the holiday season of course. Bradley graduated from UC Berkeley and has also been artist in residence at Yosemite during her career. We are blessed to have her work included on our site.

Also, a concept that has intrigued me for years, is the customized puzzle. I refer you to the icon at the bottom of our blog page, click on the jigsaw2order.com and order your customized jigsaw puzzle today. Our family has loved working jigsaw puzzles for years, but we are into large complicated puzzles nothing under 1,000 pieces for us. This company is tooled for larger puzzles. Check them out today and send in your favorite photos. I know, I know, it sounds trite, but it would make a great Christmas gift giving idea, or you know what Granny always likes pictures of the grandchildren, can you imagine having your own jigsaw puzzle of them.

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