Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Piecing it Together

"The Green Triangle"

My first exposure to art was at the many art galleries in a little place called Door County Wisconsin. If you live in the Midwest you may know it. Otherwise this scenic haven for Chicagoans is probably not in your vocabulary. I recently visited this childhood summer place where I used to frolic through arboreal forests barefoot, picking wild trilliums and generally participating in "make believe" games long before my peers had grown out of them.

Textile artist Deanna Peterson grew up in Door County, and I had the opportunity to visit Shadowlawn, a traditional old great house that her family owns and operates as a rental property now.

Every room was filled with her art, with its deep roots connecting to the women of the past who, never wasting a scrap of cloth would reuse torn clothing and linens into wonderfully reconstructed fabrics for the bed or to be reworn. This utilitarian art is much to be admired, and modern quilters have taken this ancient textile fabrication to new heights. We have a number of textile artists on our website including Deanna, Nancy Billings, and Katharina Litchman. Each artist has a completely unique approach to the ancient art form. We invite you to explore them now.

"Red, White & Blue"

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