Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Power of the Internet Is Mindboggling

As a journalist that has spent many hours in the dark, quiet rooms of libraries sifting through sources and fumbling with micro fiche machines, I sometimes get simply giddy over the resource information the internet offers us today. For instance if you go to Google's new trends search page and type in the word art, you will find out that the cities of New York, Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Diego and Atlanta, in that order have internet users searching for the word "art." Minneapolis, especially so high on the lists, is the shocker.

I can remember when the internet was new, and the sources of information were limited and not very reliable. I don't know where those shady tidbits of input have gone today, but the internet lords (I guess that would be google and a few other major players in search engine technology) are doing a pretty good job of getting information and retail opportunities to us.

For instance if you type in "Alexey Yesjunin" you will be directed at once to buyoutsidethebox.com where you can see the art of this wonderful Russian painter.Enjoy--Ruth Mitchell

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