Friday, September 08, 2006

Awareness - Setting the Stage for Art

It’s Friday, and this has been a very bad week for writing. Business tends to interfere with what is important sometimes. Alas, we all have to eat. As I sipped my “lattie dattie” (as my husband likes to call it) on the deck, waiting for the wildlife moment of the morning, I scanned the September issue of Architectural Digest. I came across a featured Russian designer by the name of Andrei Dmitriev. Wow, I really like his style. The author of the article, Joseph Giovannini describes Dmitriev as a “specialist in an environmental charm bordering on the wistful.” Dmitriev, who has no formal training in design, in fact before “perestroika,” he was a Russian philologist specializing in French language and literature, has a style unfettered by such disciplines.

I’ve always been attracted to interior design that is aware of its environment. Interior design is a spatial art medium all its own, where art and utilitarian objects blend to form a space where the living organism is comfortable within that space. Each space is as different as the person who resides there, whether they put their own ensemble together or hire a professional to do it for them.

For instance, art is an essential element in my living spaces, but I'm not a formal person. My dogs are also an important part of my life, and consequently the one light colored chair I own, is soon on its way to be reupholstered. Ach, what was I thinking? Because I am a casual person does this mean I can't enjoy sophisticated art in my home, of course not. It's all in how I put it togther. Every detail says something about who I am just like the clothes I wear.

Take note of this wonderful watercolor by San Francisco artist Diana Bradley, as you go about your day today. Meditate on its beauty and behold the light of the spirit that created it. Happy weekend….Ruth Mitchell

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