Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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I’ve been reading up on contemporary potters lately, and I’ve been delightfully surprised by what I’ve found. I’ve found a great diversity all over the globe, and one of the best sources I’ve found is the ceramicstoday.com. We are so impressed with them that we’ve added them to our Resource Link Section of the blog in the right margin. There are a lot of excellent resources in that section, that art enthusiasts will find useful. I point this out because we are building a website that we want art enthusiasts, collectors and newbies to the art world to use and enjoy.

As I’ve mentioned before, we have also added a few choice associate links below for items that embrace the spirit of Creative Consumerism™, but which are not available on our site. I was just shopping for shoes myself on simplysoles.com. Their classy shoes embody an artistic spirit that isn’t easily found.

Favorite image today is a surprise. Click here and see! Hint: (it’s new to the site). Enjoy the treasure hunt--Ruth

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