Monday, September 18, 2006

Swell Sake Set

To tell you the truth, I’ve only tasted Sake a few times, and I’m severely allergic to fish, cooked or uncooked, so I’m missing out on the whole Sushi Sake rage that everyone seems to enjoy. That’s not to say it is not a fascinating cultural experience. For instance I came across an article recently that explained how the shape of a sake cup will influence the way the sake tastes. For instance, a cup with little angle needs to be tilted a lot. This makes the sake flow slowly from the tip of the tongue then spreads to the rest of the mouth, making the sake taste sweeter than if you used the traditional small sake cup that causes the sake to flow quickly over the whole tongue.

If your sake cup has a wide lip, the sake spreads quickly to the sides of the tongue and your sake will tend to taste bitter. A cup with a smooth finish is best for refined, more sophisticated sake. That’s why this fine sake set created by glass artist Andrew Jackson Pollack is particularly ideal sake set if you are a connoisseur of sake. Know someone that loves Sake? Then buy this one-of-a-kind set. Perhaps that someone is yourself, all the better. --Ruth Mitchell

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