Monday, October 09, 2006

Barga, Tuscany - Postcard Art by George Wittenberg is pleased to share with you the musings of artist George Wittenberg from his travels to Italy this summer. Also, for a limited time --now until November offers George's latest original artworks from Italy. To see this special collection click here.

"The Barga Bar after a long day wandering about the old hill town of Barga, Peter and I found a small restaurant with a bar on its balcony. What a great place to take a break, order campari & soda, and enjoy the view. I noticed all the tables lined up to face the view - no wonder: a spectacular vista of mountains and rooftops. We were alone there for a while, then some ex pat Brits sat at the other end and chatted real estate in Barga. Interesting to easedrop. After a drink (served with orange slices) I started to sketch the place. The Brit guy’s bright red leather slip-ons caught my attention."

To see more of George's work click here.

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