Friday, October 27, 2006

Gift Giving Goes Back Before Recorded Time

Giving gifts is a human behavior that goes back before recorded history. In its earliest form it was trading for practical needs or wants in addition to showing preferential treatment or affection. Many Native Americans had traditions of councils where extended families gathered, often traveling hundreds of miles by foot.That gathering of extended family in our society today centers around holidays, and as we look forward to the upcoming holiday season we sometimes take it for granted how easy we have it as we strap the kids into their car seats, load the car with food and gifts, and head for grandpa and grandma's house.

With both parents typically working, there is a surge in the number of people shopping online. It's because it is so easy, so safe and so time saving. While there are many venues out there for online shopping, serves a unique niche for Creative Consumers™ who like to give distinctive gifts made with the passion and soul of an artist.

Take a look at this beautiful giclee print by artist Lucy Arnold. Who do you know that would enjoy this fanciful image? Perhaps it is yourself.

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