Monday, October 09, 2006

Italy Through the Eyes of Artist George Wittenberg is pleased to share with you the musings of artist George Wittenberg from his travels to Italy this summer. Also, for a limited time --now until November offers George's latest original artworks from Italy. To see this special collection click here.

Barga View - "As many times as I turned the corner from our house to walk up, up to the Duomo, I never saw the view coming back down as I did one sparkling clear morning. I had been drawing the Duomo and watching tourists when after packing up and walking back, this downward view stopped me in my tracks. The steep rail of 2 kinds of granite, the old cedar, the brightness of the convent and the garden and its two palms, this scene made me set up my paints and begin again."

To view more of George's work click here.

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