Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Has the Grinch gotten hold of you yet?

"Coral and Hot Pink" Hand painted Silk Camisole

Someone told me yesterday that they didn’t like Santa Claus. To me that’s kind of like saying you are adamantly opposed to chocolate chip cookies.

I completely understand the resistance to fight the mobs at the mall, sit in stalled traffic and spend late nights wrapping presents, if you’re not into those things. Thankfully we have the internet for shopping. Remember just a few short years ago when you couldn’t purchase a BMW online? Now the sky is the limit, and you can shop in your pajamas, for things such as unique and unusual stemware, sculptural frogs or jewelry handcrafted by an artist. If you haven’t purchased one of Kathy Davis' hand painted silk tunics or camisoles for your honey, then you are missing out.

Testerday it was brought to my attention on two different occasions that the human being is the only animal that can conjure up its own fear, based totally on conjecture. Are we fearful when we don’t embrace the practice of giving and receiving presents, a concept that is personified in the iconic image of Santa Claus, or a nativity scene demonstrating the gift-giving of the three wise men? I may be waxing just a tad bit philosophical, but isn’t giving gifts just a warm-up for some of the more important gifts we need to share like the gift of listening, the gift of compassion, the gift of empathy, the gift of consideration, the gift of understanding or the gift of kindness?

This holiday season we hope you are bold enough to enjoy the season of gratitude and giving with an open heart, we wish you all a joyous holiday season, and may you evade the clutches of the Grinch.

(c) 2006 - Ruth Mitchell - all rights reserved

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