Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Secret to Gift-giving

Some of us struggle with gift-giving while others thrive on it. As a child, like other children, I anticipated receiving gifts from Santa Claus, and as I grew older came to have expectations about what might be under the tree. Today, exchanging gifts is about picking something out the other person will cherish, and if it is something they might use a lot, or it fills some desire or unmet need, then I am all the more happy when I see their expression as they open it. I have one daughter that has always anticipated her birthday 6 to 9 months in advance, and she is almost always the first one taken care of on my holiday list. That's because she is open and honest about what she wants. I have other family members that it is like pulling teeth to get them to tell me anything, so they are a lot trickier to please. Listening is the key element to gift giving. People will give you cues about their interests in a simple conversation. I get a leg up on what to buy my loved ones for gifts by listening, and occasionally even taking notes throughout the year. The tricky part is finding those notes later on, but that' a whole other blog topic. Some of us are fussy gift recipients, while others of us are delighted to find out someone was just thinking about them. Myself, I like something unusual, and you guessed it, I like to receive art, jewelry and anything made by hand with the passion of an artist.
What about this beautiful necklace created by artists Andrew Pollack and Tiffany Khars? Do you know someone that would cherish this item and think of you everytime they wore it?

Purple Pearls Enhanced by
Fused Dichroic Art Glass

(c) 2006 - Ruth Mitchell - all rights reserved

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