Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cell Phones are a Girl's Best Friend

untitled Big City juncture - Mixed Media Painting

All right, you're saying about now, why are we talking about cell phones, I thought this blog was about art. Am I right?

Well, we all have a left brain and a right brain, and while I profess not to do math anymore, in addition to my love of art and creative living, I have this secret fetish for gadgets. In fact I've been known to get in gadget wars with guys.

It's very unlady like, but a side of me I accept. Enter the humbling presence of the "smart phone." They call it that for a reason, you have to be smart enough to take it down to the computer store and say, "make this thing work."

At first I was vain enough to spend three hours in isolation hooking up the blue tooth and teaching my Norton program how not to attack the presence of the sleek little cell phone. Be nice computer I had to tell it, accept this little device into your hidden sanctuary and we will all be friends.

Setting up the email was another matter. I knew immediately I was in way over my head. So to relate back to art through my recently acquired and very "smart" cell phone, let me explain. I have justified the ownership of this gadget as something that is good for "celling" art. Now I can walk through almost any door in the world and show people right there on the screen of my "smart" cell phone. Now look who is smart! For some truly wonderul art by Colorado artist Keith Kimmel, click
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