Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Creativity Can Lead to Longevity

People are living longer and often enjoying several careers these days. Better medicines and nutrition are all adding years to the actuarial tables. We have several artists on our site who, after having experienced a full life in a professional field, have gone on to produce wonderful art. You are probably aware that a number of great artists produced into their old age including Pablo Picasso, and Georgia O'Keeffe who produced art into her nineties. I have read many articles that avow the creative life to be a contributing factor to longevity.

Take for instance Dougan Gary. Dougan took his first photograph in 1958. It was of his favorite model, a 1958 Chevrolet. Dougan went on to attend Pima Community College majoring in Fine Arts. His professors encouraged him to pursue photography and in his sophomore year he transferred to the University of Arizona and was accepted into postgraduate photography classes. After working as a commercial wedding photographer, a sports newspaper photographer and a camera man for a local television station, he then returned to the University of Arizona to pursue an Engineering degree.

This resulted in a twenty three year career in engineering that placed photography in a part time “hobby” status until recently. Now that the responsibility of raising children has passed, he has returned to photography with an urgency to make up for irretrievable time. "Photography must be from the heart if it is to be an art form," he says. That was the reason for his building a career in engineering and waiting until the need for an income would not be driving his photographic direction.

Take a look at more of Dougan's work here. Peace be with you....Ruth Mitchell

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