Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Beginnings

The first few weeks of January are ususally spent in review of the past year (the media is especially prone to beat this dead horse), and making promises or resolutions to do things we don't have any intention of following through on like losing 10 pounds or cleaning out the top drawer of our dresser.

My resolution is of course to make bigger and better this year. This is not just a passing resolution, but a passion of course on my part. After all our mission, as noble as it is, "to get art and beautiful handmade things into the hands of consumers who appreciate art and things made with the passion and soul of an artist," requires that I spend many hours learning the science of SEO, or search engine optimization.

For instance according to Google Trends the word art is far more popular in searches than science. That's good for us at, but we have to learn to harness that power to the good of the consumer who loves art, and the artist who is trying to get his work seen by those who care.

Speaking of which, we have just added a new artist to the site, Rayhart, who specializes in abstract art, bordering on the surreal. Rayhart has found distinction in recent years with the Bon Air Art Affair Judges Choice Award, 2006 and he was chosen as a finalist in the Salem (Orbe) Emerging Artist Search in New York City in 2000. He was also recently featured in élan magazine.

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