Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 - Start with Art

"Slightly Off" - Art Quilt by Nancy Billings

Chances are you got some new gadget for Christmas that you either didn't want or don't understand. Maybe you got a blender so you could make your spouse those fruit smoothies she loves, or maybe your experienced the all time high of receiving a vacuum cleaner under the tree, by some poor mis-guided gift giver who didn't think through their purchase. My husband still complains about the wooden toilet seat I gave him back in our salad years. He said he wanted one, so I took him for his word. He wanted one, he just didn't want it as a present under the tree.

Whether or not you were the miscreant giver or giftee, here's your chance to make it right, either for yourself or the one you mis-gifted. Check out some of the wonderful art on the beautiful pages of I say with confidence because so many times I hear it from first-time users.

We couldn't agree more. '07 is already a good year for and we want to share the many wonderful works of art made by talented artists from around the globe who have created these works.

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