Saturday, January 13, 2007

Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Can Learn from my Dachsund

What's the point of life if you never stop to enjoy it? I rarely take the time to ask myself this, but this past week I was given a reprieve from my routine, making such thoughts more available. Right now it is pouring down raining outside, the dogs are a little buggy and I've just let them in from a brief stint outside. They're hyper! Lucky Man is in the middle of the room barking at unseen ghosts, and Chili Pepper is racing around the house at a hundred miles an hour, his oversized dwarf paws pounding on the wooden floor. Now he has done a little bunny hop up onto the couch and is nursing a relationship with a juicy chewy bone, the way some people wrap their arms around a stiff scotch high ball.

Suddenly Lucky Man notices Chili Pepper has the bone and he's in the middle of the room barking like a fool. Seeing the error of his ways, he walks over to the couch coyily, inducing the Pepper to roll over playfully, artistically on his tummy, releasing the bone with the alacrity of a seductress. Lucky Man slips the bone out of CP's grasp, taking clear possession of it and idles over back to the middle of the room, where he ignores the bone now that he's in control.

The point being that there is a hierarchy here but not competition. Chili Pepper is allowed up on the couch because he is a lap dog. And Lucky Man is just that, the alpha dog with the bone. No jealousy, no pouting, just pure play.

There will always be another bone to tussle over and life goes on. Is there anything else anyone needs to know?

Back to being idle. I don't really know how to do that, but I did take a bubble bath this morning and have made a date with myself to stop at 2:45 to make a big bag of microwave popcorn and watch an old movie. How great is that.

Oh, I didn't tell you yet, but I have the most beautiful portrait of Lucky Man and Chili Pepper. We commissioned artist April Shurgar a while back to immortalize the two imps. What a good job she has done!

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