Friday, February 16, 2007

Being Grateful for the Many Gifts in our Lives

We can and do make things happen, but the best part of our lives is what we are given, and usually these things aren’t purchased and are often intangible.

It’s Friday, it’s 17 degrees outside, I have a little fire glowing in the hearth. I’ve had my ration of caffeine, the dogs are curled up on the couch and I have some beautiful music on, “Elements of Wonder” by flutist Michael Wackerle. No, you won’t be able to find his music at Hastings, but if you’d like a CD, write me. We will soon offer independent music on our site

But back to what we are given. Why is it so hard for us to acknowledge what we are given, our many blessings we daily take for granted, going back to our first breath. Did we elect to come here? Some think so, some think we even choose our parents.

We buy bread or even beer, and while it feels like this exchange is based on something we did, we forget that we were allowed to make it to the corner store without being run over by a drugged driver, or someone having an argument with their wife on their cell phone.

Did someone you know call you today just to say hello? Did a stranger smile at you? Are you warm? Once we reach a state of comfort in our lives, we often take for granted the tiny gifts, that if noticed add up to sheer bliss, heaven on earth. We buzz up on crisis, caffeine, drugs or drama, and numb ourselves to the present moment.

Today I want to share a smile with you, just in case no one did smile at you. Look for the love, not the confusion.--Ruth Mitchell

(c) 2006 - Ruth Mitchell - all rights reserved

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