Monday, February 12, 2007

Grammys Galore

Usually award shows are long. But entertainers are infinitely entertaining whether they are fashionistas or awkward in their own skin, or glamorous despite having to play the role of themselves receiving an award.

I particularly enjoyed the Grammys this year. Maybe its the music, but I think musicians themselves are more inherently interesting and ecclectic than actors and actresses. They are certainly more gregarious dressers as a whole than their acting counterparts. Well, Tony Bennett is still in his own league.

Imogen Heap, was her outfit not stunning? It turns out a fan, LA designers Pinar Eris, contact the British singer through her MySpace website and offered to make the incredible foliage inspired outfit. The outfit featured real lilies pinned on a black gown and Heap wore shubbery in her hair.

The other real trend setter in the crowd was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award, free jazz innovator Ornette Coleman. Wearing a stunning Oriental silk suit featuring butterflies, and an adorable undersized, Charlie Chaplin style bolo, we couldn't keep our eyes off the tender-eyed entertainer.

Hurray to the entertainers!

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