Saturday, February 24, 2007

You Could Have Had a V8

No dummy you could have had art or something beautiful made by hand! Don't get caught behaving like the dummy who selected a soda over a V8 juice who has to slap their forehead because they could have had something tasty and teeming with vitamins. That is how art is. It's tasty and teeming with quality, and yet so many times we don't think of our vast realm of choices.

For instance a pen, is a pen is a pen. Right? No, you don't have to use those cheap things you get for free at the bank that dry up after two uses, leaving you frustrated and without a writing instrument while you are on the telephone trying to write down an important number. You could have had a beautiful hand turned pen by Nick Child of Brawley England instead. This month we are giving away one of Nick's beautiful handmade writing instruments to the pool of people who sign up for our newsletter. So you see, you can have art....Ruth Mitchell

(c) 2006 - Ruth Mitchell - all rights reserved

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