Friday, February 09, 2007

It's About Art Not Headlines

Hello All... It's not our job to bring you the latest on Anna Nicole Smith's unfortunate death, the bad news about global warning or the tragic news of war. We're about art of course.

We get the opportunity to focus on the creative pursuits of those so inclined to focus their lives on such matters. It's about pushing the envelope. As many of you know who read this blog, one of my absolute favorite icons of "pushing the envelope" is of course Leonardo Da Vinci.

We tend to think of Da Vinci as a master painter, but according to his biographers he was only marginally successful at "bringing home the bacon" with his art. His most prosperous endeavors were financed by war lords hiring him to create a "better weapon." Something we are all to familiar with in the period known as the 20th

In recent decades many of our contemporary artists have been successful at paying the light bill through their art.

One such talented artist we know of is our own Ildikó Kalapács. She was most recently featured on, a really well-done art news website.

So if you find yourself troubled by today's headlines, try informing yourself through art,rather than current events spouted out over the newswires. Art feeds and stimulates not only your intellect, but your emotional and spiritual sides as well. It's a great tonic for a troubled world.

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