Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pretty Purses

Designer Clutch Purses - Deanna Peterson

I've known Deanna Peterson for quite some time now, and it is really fun to see her expand her artistic horizons with her new line of handmade designer purses. They are so beautiful, I want a couple for myself just to hang in my closet to brighten the decor. But they are way too pretty for that. Very reasonably priced, you will be the one the conversation centers around when you sport one of these beautifully constructed purses, made from some pretty interesting textiles including authentic kimono silks.

Deanna is a member of the North Shore Quilters Guild in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has been quilting for over a decade now, and enjoys pushing her quilting designs to new levels using traditional and non-traditional quilting methodologies. In addition to her artistic quilts, she designs and makes her own line of “quilted clothing.” Be one of the lucky ones to own a Deanna Original today, or you could give one to the mother of your choice and really make a hit.--Ruth Mitchell

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