Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow Day

Mitch's #1 Plowing Up a Storm

We don't get too much snow where I come from, so when a snow day arrives, it becomes a holiday automatically. Steaming hot chocolate with whipped cream on top following a nice walk in the woods with the dogs is a tradition to this holiday at our house. We build a fire, and pretend to work a little, but then you have to stop and make a big batch of chilli, and of course there is the after lunch cat nap, only we take ours curled up on the couch with Chilli Pepper the dog, which is a lot like sleeping with a warm hot water bottle.

My husband is all about garden railroading, so we had to fire up a steam engine and plow a little snow. Thought you might enjoy a snap of this unusual sight.

We've got some exciting new art coming in from Beijing. More on that later.

Happy Ground Hog's Day Eve...Ruth Mitchell

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