Thursday, March 22, 2007

12 Step Program for Bloggers

Okay, at first I thought blogging was for people who "needed to get a life" remember that saying? If you do it dates you. Then after reading a business article about how social networking was the darling of corporate America, I decided to get into it. When we first developed, we had intended to start with the art, and then progress to more of an online magazine. Then we went the route of blogging, which is ultimately more fascinating because of its connectivity and interactiveness.

Like I recently read on Technorati this morning, "there are 55 million blogs, and some of them have to be good"--Matt. Yikes. I found one yesterday that I am particularly fond of Second City Style.

But with all there is to read out there, it is no wonder we have an epidemic of Alhzeimers patients. If you are on the internet, your mind can get overstimulated rather quickly, and your brain, no matter what age, can become addled.

No need for drugs, feel helpless and out of control just by going online. There is even a site where you can blog about your blog. What's worse from the standpoint of a reader, free to access all this info/babble depending on who you read, is if you are a writer.--I'd say 99 percent of the population fancies themselves a writer of sorts. This is based on my lifetime of interaction with the public. I especially love those people who think they have a story, but want you to write it for them because it is so wonderful. Yikes again!

But my point being, as I wander around in my addled brain, is if you are a writer, and I mean addicted enough to the written word that you have spent decades under the delusion that you might make a living at writing, then the blog world becomes your bottle and you will quickly find you need a 12 step program if you are to return to normal life.

Ah, I've never been normal before, why should I start now, and as far as I know I'm not harming anyone but myself. Isn't that a classic alcoholic line?

Anyway, I'm opening my eyes to the world of blogging, and I'm delightfully surprised. I finally had the nerve to syndicate our blog to my Yahoo home page. My gosh it was actually easy.

Years ago, my architect husband taught himself to draw on the computer with Autocad, one of the most complicated of software programs I personally have ever seen. If he can do that, I probably can get up to snuff with RSS without having a techno melt down. So for now, I'm not seeking help, I'm just enjoying my addiction to blogging.

The good new is art. Art is here to stay despite our fascination with technological Ad-vancement. Today I share with you this beautiful piece of jewelry by designer Leanne Soden. Are you reading this honey, we have an anniversary coming up.--Ruth Mitchell

"Romanov" - Leanne Soden

(c) 2006 - Ruth Mitchell - all rights reserved


Shawn said...

May I quote you on my blog?

"No need for drugs, feel helpless and out of control just by going online." said...

Yes, Shawn you may quote me. What is your blog? I'd like to read it. Please give attribution to Ruth Mitchell,

Shawn said...

I'm in the process of setting up the hosting again now. I was either hacked or maybe I got a little too bold in trying to customize Wordpress. Long story! Anyway, it will eventually be (and has been for a while) but it may or may not be live at the moment.

PoEt said...

sorry you dont like our blog much, id love for you to come back and poke around a little longer and give it a second look

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