Thursday, March 08, 2007

Seeking the Light

Lucky Man & Chili Pepper

Okay, I didn't really want to share my personal tragedy with you, but I am a writer, and by definition we like to spill our guts. It's not that we like to spill our guts, really, it's that in communicating through the written word, we process our world. And while I like to stick to art and culture in this blog, let's just explore the antitheses of those concepts for a moment. What are the opposites of art, culture and the light. They would be, among other things, war, violence, rape and animal cruelty.

I'm here to share my story of Lucky Man. If you're a regular to this blog, you know that I'm goofy enough to have a portrait of two of my dogs in my living room. It is a beautiful painting created by artist April Shurgar.

Well, some jackass,(there are not enough nasty expletives to throw out here) shot Lucky Man with a .22 caliber. You know one of those toy guns that are only light enough for children or cowards to shoot dogs and small game with, or maim larger animals.

The good news is that while the killer was aiming for Lucky Man's heart, he missed and shattered his elbow. Lucky Man is in extreme pain, and I know because I too have a titanium pin in my elbow. Lucky Man has several.

Now let me explain, Lucky Man is a complete gentleman that was quite mortified by this whole incident. Mostly he likes to lay in the sun, and occasionally scout around our tree-filled neighborhood for deer that need a good run. We call him a Cleburne County Hound Dog because we found him as a puppy lost in the woods, barely big enough to be away from his mother. He was infested with mites and fleas. He most resembles the Walker Hound breed. Lucky Man carries himself with great dignity, and when I walk him on the leash we are always getting comments about what a beautiful dog he is. Until now, we always said we would like to return in another life as Lucky Man because he sleeps on a king-sized bed with us (or used to he may never be able to be allowed up again because of his fragile joint.)

We have the best neighbors in the whole world, after canvassing them, as I suspected they hadn't seen Lucky Man and Chili Pepper, because the dogs aren't a nuisance. This was a total act of violence by a person who was filled with the dark.

I am told by our vet, that there are people out there that carry loaded guns in their trucks and shoot at anything that moves like cattle, horses, dogs and cats. I guess its some sort of entertainment for them. This was no accident, Lucky Man was not mistaken for wild game because there was no hunting season open when it happened.

We followed the blood trail to try to piece together the struggle he had on his journey back to the house. He was so fortunate to make it home to us where we could rush him to the hospital. He could have easily died in the woods bleeding to death.

Okay, enough of the darkness. Like Ildikó Kalapács one of our most provocative artists at, I do often use my craft to inform and address topics that might not otherwise be given the light of day. If one gun is taken from a child or adult who does not know what they are doing with it, then my work is good.

I share with you this thought today. Fight the darkness, create, play or anything to follow the light. Live this day like it was your last, for it is in this way that we stave off the dark.
--Ruth Mitchell

(c) 2006 - Ruth Mitchell - all rights reserved


Bobbi C. said...

Ruth, just wanted to let you know that your blog was featured in my Carnival of the Creators post on my blog.

bobbi c.

Hueina Su said...

Thank you for sharing this story with the Carnival of Healing. The Carnival will be up at my blog today. I hope Lucky Man will get well soon.

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