Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Unique Gift Ideas

Everybody needs a little help sometimes. One of our busiest search strings at buyoutsidethebox is "unique gift ideas." Hello, we have tons of unique gift ideas. In fact I am often the first one to buy myself a unique gift from time to time. One of my dearest friends is about to have a birthday, and she loves purses. Guess what we have a gorgeous collection of designer purses by Deanna Peterson at incredible prices. Her current collection features authentic kimono silks that are do die for. I'm having a hard time picking out just which one to choose.

There are worse problems. For instance I have wedding to attend next week, and I'm torn between the amazing cutting boards from Kentucky Cutting Boards, or one of Allan Buitekant's exquisite hand thrown pottery "bakers." What a dilemma.

Then of course Easter is coming up. None of us need more chocolate eggs, but what about original art? At our web site we have dozens of original works of art for under $200. Can you believe it?

And what about Nick Childs' beautiful handturned pens and have you seen our collection of earrings? All under $100 of course.

Well guys, if you can't find something for someone at buyoutsidthebox, then we'll just have to try harder. We have new art coming in all the time, so keep coming back!--Ruth Mitchell

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