Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Enigma of Mothers

Mother's Day coming soon to a neighborhood near you. I think we are all pretty familar with the story of how Mother's Day began. What I didn't know is that it is the most popular day of the year to eat out. That stands to reason.

I know for myself that its been so long since I was a dependent child. (I certainly don't want to insinuate I have outgrown childhood.) That I am more familiar with motherhood through watching my own daughters raise their children, than I am filled with memories of my own childhood, or even being their mother.

In fact I am in awe of their strength, energy and stamina. I recently kept my two grandaughters for two days, and had a flash to the past about how strenuous it is to intercept, outthink and lead small children into appropriate behavior.
No wonder we celebrate Mother's Day!
Yes, I'm going to share with you some things you should buy for your mother, mother-of-your-children, grandmother or even your dogwatcher. Being a mother, not even in the category of being "a good mother," much less a "great mother," is something that is programmed into our genetics, but which also requires a connectivity to a higher power because the job is so demanding.

Bless you mothers one and all!

Shown on the left is a "Aventurine with Rose" necklace by artist Julia Kellog. To the right is a purse by fabric artist, Deanna Peterson of Milwaukee, WI, entittled "Little Red Purse." Below is an exqusite handthrown pottery set of "Storage Jars," by North Carolina potter Allan Buitekant.

Don't forget to think GREEN this month. Earth Day is April 22. We're going to bring you an Earth tip with every blog in April.

Tip for the day: Growing coffee under the shade of tall trees instead of chopping down tropical forests will protect song birds. Drink only "shade grown coffee."

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