Thursday, April 19, 2007

Keep Your Eyes on the Brides

"Beau and baby girl" entertaining themselves with a good read.

So often we trip right over the obvious, and that is just how I feel because I haven't shared my own personal experience with brides about my baby girl's impending wedding, just a few short weeks away. I like to bring you information in this blog, and not get too personal, although I'm a miserable failure at my own agenda. That's okay, if God wanted me to be perfect, God would have made me that way.

So, "baby girl" is a very independent young lady that graduated from Vassar, and when no opportunity arose after graduation, she jumped in her little Nissan with a couple of high school buddies and headed west until she bumped into the Pacific Ocean, as far away as possible from her traditional upbringing as she could get.

Having been born into a conservative neighborhood because her parents, wracked with the need to become stalwart citizens after the leisure of growing up in the late '60s and the early '70s, "baby girl" attended parochial schools and longed for the comfort of the world's diversity, almost from day one.

Now she's got all the diversity she wants, and her wedding plans are certainly no bastion of tradition. And I'm okay with that.

So, I'm going out there with the checkbook, and letting the cookies crumble where they will. Another daughter and I tease "baby girl" that we're going to be having a "weenie" roast on the beach. And here's the irony, because "baby girl" who wants the wedding "her" way is too busy being successful to plan much.

The ceremony itself will take place at the Marin Lighthouse, and my other daughter and I call the hostelry where the reception is taking place, the "girl scout camp."

When "baby girl" took her sister out to the light house, the wind was blowing 35 knots and the walking bridge important to the ceremony, was closed because of the high winds.

I'm not by any means making fun of "baby girl" I'm drowning my own loss of her close proximity in inappropriate humor. In fact "baby girl" has been the topic of many an article in my career because she is interesting.

She doesn't want fine china, she doesn't want much of anything but happiness. Are you listening ladies? I think "baby girl" is one of the fortunate ones, because she is about being herself. She registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and at

Oh, I did I mention we are crazy about her beau? How's that for a traditional Southern term?

So, if you have leanings toward being a non-traditional bride yourself, think ART! Now you can register with us online. Send us your wedding photos, or your plans if you are having a non-traditional wedding this year. Who knows, maybe we'll have a competition and you'll get a free piece of art from us. It's worth a try. Tell us why you deserve the prize for the kookiest wedding plans of all. --Ruth Mitchell

Eco Tip for the Day: Buy and use rechargeable batteries. Some rechargers will also recharge regular alkaline batteries.

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