Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Hummers are Here

The hummers have arrived and we don't mean those big gas guzzling tanks. We've already had an incident actually. Our garage door was left open for a short while and a hummer got trapped in the garage. He was there for an awfully long time and we tried to shoo him out gracefully, but the little guy was confused. Finally my husband suggested I take one of our feeders and hang it near the door, as hummers can get exhausted rather quickly. After awhile I went back to check and the poor thing was hovering on a shovel. I mustered my hummer whispering techniques and coaxed him out the open door.
We have beautiful birds at our house, but the return of the hummers signifies warm weather and a new season. I have a feeder right outside my office window, and their darting action is very entertaining. On a recent visit to California, I was shocked by how large the hummers are out there. My sister's ocean side garden is filled with flowers, and a virtual circus display of diving, darting and buzzing hummers.
Above is a photograph of some hummers by Michael Swaffar who has been with buyoutsidethebox.com almost from the beginning. Michael has a nice viewpoint of nature and is a very talented children's photographer.
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Have a wonderful May Day!--Ruth Mitchell

Hummer Eco Tip: Migration is done according to changing day length or photoperiod. Actually, migrating hummingbirds may be helped by feeders that are left up until at least two weeks have passed since seeing your last hummer.

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