Thursday, May 03, 2007

"We Are In Our Cups" Saki Cups That Is

You've heard the expression before, "he's in his cups," which going back to the Bible means drunk. We'll stretch the term a little to let you know we are giddy to find out that out of all the millions of websites in the world, we are number one if you type in "saki cups."

Sssh, don't spread the word or we'll find ourselves competing with the likes of Target or Wal-mart for those keywords, and believe you me we don't have the advertising budget they do.

In the business of selling art online, there are many duties that have nothing to do with art. Like SEO! It's all about bringing a receptive audience to the table, and that means you have to learn about building a site map for Google, advertise, and work on keywords until you dream about them at night as they float before your eyes. Among other things, you have to build links, nurture impressions and seduce rankings so you don't end up spending too much on your CPC or your CPM. I've been doing this a couple of years now, and I learn more every day than my brain can fathom. That's okay, some people get hooked on adrenaline, or drugs or members of the opposie sex, it seems that I'm hooked on challenges that lead to building businesses. In more sexy terms, I'm a hopeless entrepreneur... aah what a wonderful word that comes to us from the French language and thus the sensual tone as it rolls off the tongue.

Don't feel too sorry for me. I get to meet and write about wonderful art and the creators who make the art. And today was a special day at our office, we saw 6 (four at one time) Indigo Buntings. If you've never experienced seeing this bird look them up here. They are an infrequently spotted bird, but today must have been a big migration day for birds because we also spotted a Rosebreasted Grossbeak, and a number of Cedar Waxwings.

So back to the saki cups. We're still in our cups, because while we are not setting records in the retail world due to a small advertising budget, we've done something right to become the world's leader when it comes to looking up saki cups.

Go ahead and try it.

We love you readers one and all, and that's why I'm going to share with you this little tip....Sign up five of your friends to receive our newsletter and we'll give you 10 percent off your next purchase over $25. Just write me, and I'll make it so.

Now take a look at this Saki Cup set by Andrew Jackson Pollack Let your eyes rest on it a minute and take it in. Some of the best things in life are free, but you can own set of saki cups, which is even better.--Ruth Mitchell

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