Friday, June 29, 2007

Digital Paintings

Artists have always been on the cutting edge of technology. Look at the great Masters, who were using the camera obscura, or pinhole camera, or sometimes just glass lenses combined with mirrors to perfect their realism back when such practices were almost considered witchcraft.

A more recent era of innovation was when movie cameras were invented and along came animation. Today, we have photographers turned painters through the use of electronic manipulaton, a whole new genre of digital paintings was created., we have several artists that are perfecting this craft, and taking it to the next level. The first to come on board was Andrew Neighbour, a scientist turned artist, then Canadian artists, Pavel Rehurek. Each artist has a unique style, and it is obvious that both are enjoying pushing the envelope with digital images. Take a look.--Ruth Mitchell

"Art Deck" - Pavel Rehurek

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