Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June is Marriage Month

June can be one of the mildest months of the year, and that's why so many brides choose to get married during this month, when the flowers are blooming, and outdoor receptions can be ideal. As our lifestyles change, so do traditions, even in this most sacred of events.

Now days, young women are working and putting off marriage until they have established careers. There is no longer the need for gifts that help set up the newlyweds in housekeeping, as they are often already established. That's why art and other unique items make a great selection for a wedding gift.

We think you will agree that it is time to reconsider wedding gift ideas. Art can also be more appealing to the groom who may have difficulty working up enthusiasm for a dinner service for twelve. At buyoutsidethebox.com we have many options for you to choose from including gift certificates and a wedding registry. Here are just a couple of ideas for all those wedding invitations you'll be receiving this month.

Top: Stoneware Platter - Allan Buitekant
Above: The Hillocks - Alexey Yesjunin
Left: The Dunes - Katharina Litchman

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