Thursday, June 28, 2007

Life is Good - Be a Winner!

I hate to be so positive all the time, I know it's really annoying to people that thrive on drama and negativity, but I'm going to share my good feelings anyway, because you see, I once fell into the pessimistic category myself. Sure, it was easier to be pessimistic, because then when the world let me down, I could be right. What I price I paid for being right!

I heard a fantastic quote last night on an old movie I was watching because my energy level was low from an uncharacteristic sleepless night the night before and because I ate brownies for dinner instead of salad and low-fat protein. Yes, I know you thought I was perfect, but alas, I do have my imperfections.

Anyway, the movies was "With Honors" that I believe was filmed in 1994. I'd never seen it before, but I remember it was particularly inspiring to my then teen aged daughter. Yes, a little sappy, but the wisdom I got from the movie was this. Joe Peschi looks at one of the young men in the movie and says, to paraphrase. "I'm a quitter, and you're an over achiever. That' why I called you a loser. A winner just enjoys the ride."

Wow! I've found more and more that I'm just enjoying the ride. This is due to many life altering experiences, but I have been both a quitter and an over-achiever at different times in my life, and by far the most gratifying path is that of a winner, someone just eager to be on the path, not worried about who they are passing or who is passing them.

Winners aren't perfect by any means, because the over-achievers are outranking them and the quitters are snubbing their noses at them. But winners are busy having fun!

I am one of those people now, whose favorite T-shirts has the message "Life is Good." Okay, I'm putting myself out there today, and letting you know just how annoying I really am. But if I help just one person today be excited about where they are and who they are, then mission accomplished.

Of course I'm going to close with a beautiful work of art. The truth shall set you free, but art will nurture your soul. Enjoy a tasty slice of your life today.

"Botanical Garden #15 - Alexey Yesjunin

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