Thursday, July 26, 2007

The World Truly is a Smaller Space

Acknowledging "the pioneering and inspiring work of Twitter, BoredAt, Digg, PostSecret, PopSugar, and HotOrNot in this field," yet another social network was launched last May. What makes Truemors stand out is the unabashedly democratic use of unsubstantiated information, and their no-bones-about-it-attitude that the information might be true, might be rumor, but undoubtedly whatever it is, it will be provocative. The intent is to spread information as far and wide as possible. I wish some of the other journalistic endeavors of this world would just come out of the closet on this issue and take the stand that their news maybe be less than factual or corroborated with three trusted sources.

One of the most singular compelling items I saw was singer John Mayer's sobbing apology to his fans for having a live pit bull fight that as he describes it, "was rather successful over the past few weeks," until Brutus broke lose and evidently a lot of fans got hurt. Now that's some dog fight. I am at once appalled that this is legal, and absolutely fascinated that this is something attractive to rock fans. But what do I know?

The tab on Truemors topics included the Latest and the Greatest, as well as Auto, Business, Crap, Entertainment, Food, Gaming, Health, News, Odd, Politics, Science, Sex, Sports and Tech.

I first heard about Truemors, directly from one of its developers, Guy Kawasaki of Garage Technology Ventures in Palo Alto, one of my favorite bloggers whose blog is modestly titled, "How to Change the World." I had contacted Guy a while back in a fit of "fanacism." His blog is easy to read, down to earth, insightful and out of the millions of blogs, one I am interested in keeping up with. Others think so too, as he has a high traffic Alexa rating.

Guy told me about TFF as well, just coming out. A Truemors for Friends where you can post selectively to your closest friends, and allies and not broadcast to the world.

I must say blogging, has brought me into contact with a richly diverse context of topics, characters and possibilities that far exceed what I used to get out of reading or writing fiction. Dog fights at rock concerts, who knew?--Ruth Mitchell

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