Thursday, August 02, 2007

Collecting Art

I look at a lot of art. That doesn't make me the definitive source of information on art collecting, but it does give me a certain skill level. Often I'll be viewing an artist's portfolio, and I'll like one or two pieces out of a dozen, and on rare occassions I will see a portfolio where I like almost every single piece. This signifies to me that this would be a good artist for me to collect.

You do become accustomed to almost instantly recoginzing quality despite the subject matter. And I am one that is truly affected by subject matter. If I don't like the subject matter, chances are I won't like the art overall, even though I might recognize and respect the quality to the piece of art.

There are many facets of selecting art for the site, and I can't always foresee which pieces will be instantly snatched up, but of course we like it when that happens. I don't always seek out an artist based on my personal likes or dislikes, but I try to keep you, the Creative Consumer in mind.--Ruth Mitchell

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