Thursday, August 09, 2007

In the Garden of Good and Evil

Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil is the title of a book of course by John Berendt, but it so describes my state of mind sometimes, that I just had to borrow if for this blog. Generally speaking I'm very upbeat and happy, but sometimes I go into the bad neighborhood of my mind. I go slumming, I'm drinking the half empty glass of rot-gut gin rather than the half full glass of water. This only makes me human, but as I watch the sands of time fall through the hourglass, I'm more interested in spending quality time with myself, and not as interested in slumming anymore. One place I continually find inspiration is at Guy Kawasaki's blog, "How to Change the World." Yes, Guy, I have an intellectual crush on you. Hope that's okay.

Cn y fll n th blnks? Referring to The Seven Deadly Sins of Solutions pulled from Matt May's The Elegant Solution the topic of our brain's ability to fill in the blanks, also referred to Blind Spots in the book, is something I had never seen so graphically presented. These blind spots include: assmptns, bses, and mndsts (r y nt t yt?) that we cannot see through or around. Apparently our "brain does a lot of “filling in” for us because it’s a pattern maker and recognizer." We are challenged to become more than our genetic makeup every day, and clear thinking May surmises, "involves more than simply filling in spaces in words."

I am guilty of almost all the "Seven Deadly Sins of Solutions." I'm not kicking myself however, because I have the ability to change, and I also have the courage to problem solve. Many professions involve problems solving including engineering, car mechanics, family counseling, real estate deal makers etc., but few people look at artists as problem solvers.

I hope this small post will get you thinkin gabou tsomethin glik ethat. Chck t ths btfl pntng by artist Rene Hein.

"Cheshire Mummy Cats" - Rene Hein

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