Friday, August 24, 2007

What is Luxury and Why do We Seek it?

Luxury means something different to every person you might ask. To some its a fast yacht, a big fiery gemstone or a sleek, antique Corvette. To others it's a sweaty morning run before a busy day of work. For busy moms, fifteen minutes of uninterrupted quiet during the day can feel like the ultimate luxury. But I think the bottom line, and why we seek luxury, is that it is something a little bit out of the norm in our lives. Luxury is something special, and sometimes, the thought that if feels just a little out of our grasp, is what makes it even more appealing. Because if we attain, what we are at the moment defining in our minds as luxury, then we feel empowered, or lucky, or even blessed. Following the path of abundance is keeping your options open to experience the good things in life

We often think of art as a luxury, owning it, wearing it, viewing it in museums, or creating it. I think the ultimate reason art is so appealingly luxurious is because of its unique nature. I find this ultimately fascinating about creative expression, that it is the manifestation of someone's imagination.

Here for you now, are just a few samples of luxurious art that can be found at!

Katharina Lichtman - "Rivers"


Sheree Rensel said...

I think about this "luxury" issue all the time. Luckily for me, I am not a "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" kind of girl. In fact, a row of tacky, plastic bracelets sends me into a luxury spin. Also, my tiny, Florida bungalow might as well be a mansion! I love this tiny house that has a little overgrown yard.
My idea of luxury is being able to pay my bills and have enough money to live without major stress. This brings me enough calm and satisfaction to make life seem bountiful. That's it. I don't have millions. It would be really nice. However, I would love to just sell my art to the point to be able to live a comfortable life within my simple means.
The way I look at it, I am already very RICH compared to the majority of the world. I can't believe that I am privileged enough to go to a grocery store and see the absolute abundance of choices I have to buy. Due to this realization, I already feel lucky. I have my art to thank for that even though I am getting the majority of my money from my "day job" which is art related.
Sheree Rensel said...

Hi Sheree...

What a wonderful attitude you have!I'm with you, life is bountiful when you can pay for the groceries. Thanks for contacting us.