Monday, September 17, 2007

Places to See Before you Die

What compels some of us to see the world? I don't know. I hate leaving my house to even go as far as the grocery store, which is a pretty far trek from where I live. But once pried away from the nest, and my dogs, I love worldly adventures. A few years ago I purchased "1,000 Places to See Before you Die," by Patricia Schultz, and you can bet I'm highlighting all the places I've been with added notes, as both a reminder to myself and a legacy to my children, if any of them care.

When my father was alive, every time I shared with him I was going somewhere, he would always be able to say, "Oh, let me tell you about that place." This is one of my fondest memories of my father, and perhaps one of the reasons I got into travel writing a few years ago. I can't ever remember going somewhere that he hadn't already been. Which is a great metaphor for the generations, but more than that a legacy for me. It's one thing to go see one of the most spectacular places on earth, it is another thing to share it.

Artists have long taken an interest in certain scenic points of interest in the world, and for some artists this is thread which runs through the fabric of their art. Several artists represented on this site including George Wittenberg, and newcomer, photographer Jeri Burzin have these extraordinary places around the world as a central theme to their images. Recognition of a geographic place, or architectural icon, can bring an added dimension to an artwork. Take a look here and see if you agree.--Ruth Mitchell

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