Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Back from Hungary

For those of you who follow the career of visual artist Ildikó Kalapács, you know she travels to her native Hungary every year. We received a note recently from her recently. "I am back from Hungary, my home country where I exhibited in my hometown, Szeged. It was successful, received some media attention, sold some art and I received two more offers of creating a portrait film about me and my art." It will be another year before they will be finalized, she says.

"I am putting on some short homemade videos onto the website of the Hungarian Public Television's art show called Kultúrház, www.akulturhaz.com, she says. It is a UTube style cultural video blog where artists can post their videos by invitation.

"Anyway, I thought you might want to hear about my trip and how it went. Thank you for all of your help. Best, Ildikó.

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