Monday, October 08, 2007

Having it all through Creative Consumerism

I have a Google search on the term Creative Consumerismtm because it is a term we have trademarked. It is awfully fun to see what comes up sometimes, but mostly the search just brings up the two words in the same document. My point is about being creative in your consumerism. Which is always a good idea if you enjoy the added dimension of spending your money on things that are not mass produced.

All through our history at we have included companies on our website through affiliate programs, that offer our customers a more full service site. Actually you can buy anything you want in the entire known universe through our search adds on the blog for instance. But I am particularly highlighting the products available by pressing the icons to the right of our blog.

Some of the things you may buy in this venue, are high quality mineral cosmetics, baby things, personalized photo puzzles (or have them made of your art), designer shoes,

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