Friday, October 12, 2007

Roasting in Rose Bud

I love coffee. My husband knows this, and was gracious enough to buy me a new cappacino machine for my birthday. A few days ago, we shared with you a YouTube video on coffee art, but the real art of coffee is in the roasting.

In addition to art, sells products made by hand. We are fortunate to have one heck of a coffee available on our site, RoZark Hills Coffee. The little roasterie is in Rose Bud, Arkansas. It was started by Chick and C.G. Curtis, and their daughter Rita Fox is the award-winning coffee roaster. Her husband Marty along with her father C.G. once helped set up a roasterie in a garage years ago in the Seattle area. Today we know that company as Starbucks.

The first time I met Chick Curtis, founder of RoZark Hills Coffee Roasterie, we talked for hours. I was fascinated by her ownership of miniature horses, which she bought because her husband C.G. was opposed to dogs in the house. She thought this was a way around his rule.

I enjoy this wonderful coffee year round, but some people enjoy giving it as a gift during the holiday season. Remember the shipping is free! To read the full story on RoZark Hills Roasterie click here.


april said...

I live about ten miles down the road from this coffee roasterie and not only is it reasonably priced, but it is without a doubt the best coffee I have ever had! said...


You are so right, Rozark Coffee is some of the best coffee I've ever had. Unfortunately, we have currently been forced to discontinue it. We're hoping this will change in the near future. We are currently offering some choice selections from Good Dog Coffee. Have you tried it?