Friday, January 25, 2008

Jane's Casserole

One day back in 1968, potter Allan Buitekant's wife asked him if he would make her a casserole for some dishes she wanted to make. "I was delighted to do so," says the artist. He then went into the studio, which in those days was a basement with a wheel, kiln and a table.

"While she stood behind me I produced the piece as is done in some industrial studios where the craftsman is guided. She and I worked it out together and she had her casserole which pleased her."

In 2006, Jane passed away. "I was involved in preparing for a gallery show at the time. The gallery owner saw this casserole, now with 36 years of constant use, and loved its honesty and directness and asked if I would produce these," says Buitekant.

"Without hesitation I said yes because I wanted to honor Jane in this manner. I produce "Jane's Casserole" in a 4 qt size as I did for her, unglazed outside glazed inside. One thing I do, [which is exclusive to this piece] is number and date them. When I threw the first one I was consumed with memory of her as I am every time I make her casserole." --Allan Buitekant

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