Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Killer Tornadoes

It was supposed to be a night of election returns, Super Tuesday, but the cranky weather patterns had geared up for a horrific display. We're probably a little complacent in Arkanas, because we have tornadoes frequently. And only because God bless us, we've never been hit ourselves, but the reality of that happening is all too real. Just two years ago, one came within a quarter mile of our newly constructed house. Dummy us, we were standing by the new windows in the living room, relishing the thunder and lightening. Then we heard the roar, that truly sounds like a train, we've heard it many times, and we retired to our lower basement.

Last night we stood out on the deck and looked toward the Northwest of us. We had the unique position of a clear view straight toward the town of Clinton, Arkansas, a mere dozen miles away. They say the huge funnel cloud stayed on the ground for approximately 100 miles and had a force of up to 200 miles per hour. While we didn't actually see the funnel ourselves we saw the extreme lightening and heard the roar that really does sound like a train. The devastation such a storm causes is heartbreaking, and death is sometimes part of the mix. Our heart goes out to all those in harm's way.

To read more about the devastation:--Ruth Mitchell

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