Monday, February 25, 2008

Wearable Art is Like Wearing Snowflakes

I just love clothing made by an artist, and I wear it at every chance. Clothes, for me have always been a personal form of expression, and wearing something produced with the soul and passion of an artist, is well, expressing my need for beauty, choices, and individuality.

It's also fun to get noticed, to have people say to me, "Where did you get that beautiful scarf? Or where can a buy a purse like that?" Sometimes the answer is, "you can find something like this, but not exactly like it on our website." Our jewelry and clothing are all handcrafted, and so no two items will ever be exactly alike. I love that. It's like wearing snowflakes, always different, but always beautiful.

Recently a very talented silk artist, Dee Boswell from Toronto, Canada joined us. Her hand painted silks are amazing. We share them with you now, and hope you too enjoy the concept of "wearing snowflakes."--Ruth Mitchell

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