Thursday, March 13, 2008

Opting Out

So far over the last few weeks, I've opted out of 23 catalogs through None of the 23 catalogs I have requested to stop sending me a catalog has confirmed they will do so, and one catalog Title Nine (1-800-342-4448) refused my request. Call them today and ask them why. Don't think I will ever order anything from them again. Remember the good 'ole days when you might get a catalog or two around the holidays, and you were glad to receive a few gift ideas that weren't available in your locale?

I've already written about how many trees you will save by opting out of some of these mass mailings. I am still going to allow a few choice catalogs reach my doorstep, but my quest is to save as many trees as I can in this time consuming process.

The main reason we receive so many catalogs from stores we have never bought (nor ever will) things from is because many retailers sell your information to marketing companies who sell your personal information to a wide variety of marketing entities.

At, we want you to know our loyalty to you as our customer extends far beyond this common courtesy. We will never sell, trade or give out your personal information. Your credit card info is safe with us as well. We are a secure site.

Easter is early this year, March 23. Celebrate with art!--RuthMitchell

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